How much does it cost to create a website? And what it Need

How much cost to create a website? And what it Need

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How much cost to create a website? And what it Need And what it Need, How much does it cost to create a website: Google is currently solving most of the problems in our daily lives. People are benefiting from getting information from Google.

By creating a website, you can earn good money from Google by informing people about what you are experienced in.

We discussed in a previous post how to open a free website.

But due to some limitations of free websites some people want to create a paid website so today we will discuss about the cost of creating a website. But before that, let’s find out why you should create a website.

How much cost to create a website? And what it Need


How much cost to create a website

Why create a website

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Think about it, is Google itself solving all our problems? If not, how do we solve our problems? Google has millions of websites. These websites contain thousands of pieces of information and solutions to thousands of problems.

Google basically shows us the websites that we think have the right solution to our problems.

To address these issues, Google pays website admins to view or click on their ads.

Nowadays in this modern age most people are losing interest in corporate jobs and they are slowly moving towards online. They even want to establish their profession online. And one of the most popular professions online is to make money by creating websites in this way. This is called blogging.

By blogging you can build your beautiful career. You can compare it to business. Just like you have to start a business with some capital, you have to spend some money to build a website.

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The cost of creating a website
A website basically focuses on two things: –


What is a domain?

How much does it cost to create a website? And what it Need

Domain is the name of your website. That means if you think of Google as a village, every website will be a house in a village. Each house has a name, for example, if you say to Google, Google will take you to Facebook, and will take you to a website called Google Wikipedia.

Here and are the domains of facebook and Wikipedia. You don’t have to take a domain according to the name of your website. You can take any domain.

What is hosting?
Hosting basically acts as storage. Your website will have many types of posts, images, videos, etc. You will need space for all these things. This place is hosting.

Now let’s find out how much it will cost to buy a domain and hosting and where to buy it.

The cost of buying a domain

The price of the domain depends on the extension of the domain you have selected. For example .com domain name 700 to 800 rupees again. xyz domain name 80-150 rupees. Below is a possible list of prices for all domains.

Where to buy a domain?

The best platform to buy a domain is namecheap. This is an international site from which you must have a dual currency support card to buy a domain because you have to pay in dollars on these websites. If you do not have such a card, you can buy from any Bangladeshi site.

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The cost of buying hosting
The cost of buying hosting will depend on how many GB of hosting you buy. There are 2 GB, 5 GB, 10 GB different types of hosting. The best for beginners is 5 GB hosting which will cost 1000-1200 rupees per year.

As your visitors grow, you can upgrade your hosting package if you wish. That means you can increase your hosting space, whenever you want.

Where to buy hosting

Namechep and hostinger are also famous for buying hosting. If you want to buy from these places, you will need a card with dual currency support. If you want to buy from Bangladesh, there are many websites, you can buy from there.

These are the initial costs of creating a website.

Let’s find out now from our website

We all know about themes. A theme makes a website visually appealing and attractive.

Themes are mainly two types of free themes, premium themes. Many of us work with free themes but some of the features of the free theme are less so many people use paid themes. It takes at least 4-6 thousand rupees to buy a paid theme. It often depends on the quality of the theme.

Which Plugin you can use

Plugin is software. All of us who work in WordPress or any other CMS know that coding requires a lot of time to do great things.

But the plugin has made these tasks easier. Now anyone can easily install a plugin with a simple click. Many times you have to buy many plugins. The price of these plugins depends on their function.

What  Content you select for blogging

There is no website without content. The value of a website can be determined by looking at the content of that website. Many people write content on their own and many people hire a writer.

In fact, content is a sensitive subject that you need to know enough about. Simple typing and writing something is not content. So many people are content right