How to Earn by Entry Captcha Online

How to Earn by Entry Captcha Online

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How to Earn by Entry Captcha Online. Make Money by Entering Captcha: All of us who make or want to make income online may know less about online income by filling out captcha.

You can easily earn some money online by filling in the captcha at home and for that you don’t need any skills just by typing so making money by typing captcha is very popular for everyone. But it is not possible to earn much by typing captcha.Earn by captcha entry

Just having a smartphone or computer is enough to make money by captcha typing. For many people who want to earn money with a mobile phone, it can be a good source of income

How to Earn by Entry Captcha Online

According to many, you can earn 5000-6000 rupees at the end of the month with 2-3 hours per day by typing captcha. But I have never seen anyone earn 5-6 thousand rupees by typing captcha. So I can’t say how true the word is

But many people say that if you have good typing speed, you can make a good income by typing captcha. This is mostly false because after a lot of loading in the captcha entry website, a captcha comes and then loading comes again. It does not affect the speed of your work.

What is captcha?

Before making income by typing captcha, we need to know what is captcha thing?

We open accounts on many websites or log in to many accounts in pursuit of our needs on the Internet. Before opening these accounts or logging in, we get a box with “I am not a robot” in front of us. After clicking on it, we are asked to select some pictures. These pictures or crooked texts are called captchas.

Captcha can also be called a kind of problem that only human beings can solve the problem. Now you may be wondering why this type of captcha is used. Many times people create a lot of software that can go to a website and put all the information together to open a number of accounts (bulk account). Which leads to many types of spammy. So no robot or software can do that, so this capture is invented.

This is basically a verification process through which a website can be saved from creating a bulk account.

What does a captcha entry do? Rules for writing captcha

How to Earn by Entry Captcha Online
How to Earn by Entry Captcha Online

The tasks of captcha entry are very simple. There are many websites in the world where you will find such captcha solving work. These websites will give you many types of captcha then you have to solve them. This is basically the work of captcha entry.

In order for captcha entry to work, you must first open an account on the websites where captcha entry work is available. To open an account, you will need some basic infections such as name, email ID, password, etc.

This way you can open an account with all your information. The rules for accounting on almost all CAPTCHA entry websites are the same.

Things to do after creating an account:

Only open one account from one device / IP. If you open more accounts then there is a possibility of blocking.
After opening the account, you will verify your account through Gmail, payment method etc.
You can then start captcha entry work.
When entering a captcha, type exactly as you see in the picture and make no mistake.
Each capture must be completed within the time allotted.
If a captcha is wrong or the typo captions run out of time, the account can often become a blog.
Often all websites charge Dollar 1-2 for every 1000 captures.
You can take your money in payment methods like paypal, webmoney, bitcoin etc.
Usually after these processes you can start the work of captcha entry.

But another important thing you need to start captcha entry work is the captcha entry website.

There are many captcha entry websites online now but most of them are fake. But I will share with you today some of the best captcha entry websites.


The best and most famous captcha entry website in the world is kolitibablo. If you search for the top 100 people who work on this website, you will know that they have earned $ 100- $ 200 by entering captcha.

This website pays you $ 0.35-1 for every 1000 accurate captures. But a strict rule of thumb for this website is that if you make too many captcha mistakes, there is a fear that your account will be suspended.

You can withdraw money earned from this website through webmoney or payza If you do not have a webmoney or payza account, you can easily open it. You can start working as soon as you open an account here.