How to Earn by Your Mobile Apps To Use Admob

How to Earn by Your Mobile Apps To Use Admob

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How to Earn by Your Mobile Apps To Use Admob. Google Admob is an affiliate of Google that runs ads between Android and iOS apps.

Many people are earning thousands of rupees from home using this Google Admob. To make money from admob you need to have an app where you can place ads.

Nowadays many big app companies have turned the revenue from Google Admob into a business and they are constantly making good money by publishing new apps in the Play Store.

How to Earn by Your Mobile Apps To Use Admob

In today’s post I will share with you what is Google Admob? Detailed information on ways to make money from Google Admob.

What is Google Admob?

Google admob is an affiliate of Google. It was founded on April 10, 2006 by Omar Hamoui. It is basically an advertising agency of Google which provides advertisements for various mobile apps We all know Google AdSense. Google AdSense only provides ads for YouTube videos and websites.

And Google Admob provides ads for mobile applications. Google Admob will generate revenue for those who have an application of their own and which is uploaded to the Google Play Store. If the owner of the application connects Google Admob with the application, then the app will show various banners and video ads.

When someone installs and uses the app, they will see these ads and the app owner will earn a certain amount of money per ad impressions and clicks. This is the work of Google Admob.

And different companies advertise on Google for their promotion on Google, Google admob basically those ads are seen in the app. The funny thing about Google Admob is that its ads are mobile friendly.

Simply put, Google Admob is a platform for app publishers to monetize their apps. Then maybe now you understand what is Google Admob.

App making with app making website

Learning coding is time consuming and difficult so many people want to create apps without coding. I will now share some websites for them through which you can also create a professional app without coding. Let’s find out about those websites.


BuildFire is a popular app making platform. According to their information, about 30,000 apps have been developed on this website so far. BuildFire is a great platform for small companies or businesses to create apps.


If you are thinking of creating a professional app, I will first suggest you this website. This website is much better than all the other websites and through it you can create apps just like professionals.

After researching, I found out that the owner of this website is a web developer from the Netherlands. He created this website thinking of those who do not know coding but want to create an app.

If you take the premium plane of this website, you can use all kinds of features. But it also has a free plane where there may be restrictions on the use of certain features.


You can create any small or midrange app on this website. With just a simple drag and drop you can create many beautifully designed apps. This website has a collection of numerous app templates and designs.

Appy Pie

It is one of the best websites for creating apps without any coding knowledge. The reason for calling it the best is that it offers many premium features for free. And it’s relatively easy to use. You can use this website if you have a minimal idea about online topics.

There are many more websites besides these. It is not possible to say all the websites in one article. So you will do research on Google and YouTube about this.

Then why are Admob and Adsense called different? Actually Admob and Adsense are not different but there is a little difference in the way they work. Let’s get to know it better


When you want to monetize a blog website or YouTube video by placing Google’s ad, you need to open an AdSense account. And AdSense will provide ads for websites and YouTube channels and you will receive your payment from AdSense.


On the other hand, when you want to monetize any of your apps with Google AdSense, you have to open an AdMob account. AdMob will provide ads for your app from AdMob. And all your payment issues will be AdMob.

So the main difference between AdSense and AdMob is that if you want to earn money through AdSense, you need to have a website or YouTube channel and to earn through AdMob you need a mobile application or app.

Hope you understand the difference between AdMob and AdSense. Now you may be wondering why Google is giving us money through these affiliates?

Why would Google pay you?

How to Earn by Your Mobile Apps To Use Admob
How to Earn by Your Mobile Apps To Use Admob

The number of Google users worldwide is unmatched by any other company. Google generates revenue from this huge number of users by showing ads.

This means that many small and large companies pay Google to promote their ads. Google shows those ads in YouTube videos, websites, apps.

Then a portion of the money earned goes to Google with its publishers. This is how Google makes money and we can make money from Google.

So now you understand that Google is giving us money by placing ads on our content or app and Google is earning money and gives us a part of that money as revenue. Let’s find out now how to make money from Google Admob.

Revenue from Google Admob

Now that you understand what Google Admob is, the question is how to make money from Google Admob. Below is a step-by-step discussion of revenue from Google Admob.

1) If you want to make income from Google Admob, you will first need a mobile application. Where you will earn income by putting Ed.

2) To create a mobile app or application you need to hire an app developer. That will make you create an app according to your idea. Again, if you have the right idea to create your own app, then you can create an app for yourself.

3) After creating your app, you need to arrange to show ads in your app and for that you need to create a free account with your Gmail in Google Admob.

4) After creating the account, when you log in to the account, you will see a dashboard where there is an option to write “Apps” on the left side, click there. Then click on the “Add your first app” option to get your app into a Google Admob account