How to Earn Youtube by Adsnese Starting Monetization

How to Earn Youtube by Adsnese Starting Monetization

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How to Earn Youtube by Adsnese Starting Monetization. Income from YouTube 2021: From my personal point of view, YouTube is the easiest medium to have a long lasting and good source of online income. You can also use YouTube as a source of online income. If you are interested in online income.

Did you know that two brothers, Vlad and Nikita, earn an average of $ 312,312 per video from their YouTube channel, which is 26,234,208 Bangladeshi rupees. Dude Perfect earns an average of $ 301,262 per video. Which is 25,306,008 rupees in Bangladeshi rupees.

How to Earn Youtube by Adsnese Starting Monetization

Currently, another popular social media like Facebook is YouTube. Millions of people are using these social media every day, every hour and even every minute !! And this number is growing.

About 500 crore people watch 40 minutes of video every day on YouTube. Along with that, people’s income opportunities are increasing in these social media.

Yes, it is possible to earn thousands of dollars from YouTube alone. But many people open YouTube channels but why not everyone can be Vlad and Nikita or Dude Perfect. The only reason is that not everyone has enough ideas about this huge world of YouTube.

Those who understand how big a source of income can be from YouTube can be successful. You don’t just have to run after income from YouTube, you have to make your content, channel and everything useful for income. Only then will you be able to earn thousands of dollars.

Today’s article will teach you everything from opening a YouTube channel to earning income from YouTube. And finally there are some tricks that will make your YouTube path easier and easier. So read the article carefully till the end.

Who can earn money from YouTube?

Can everyone make income from YouTube? His straightforward answer is “no”. Not everyone will be able to earn money on this platform, only Content Creators will be able to vote, that is, those who make videos. Those who make videos on YouTube are content creators.

How to Earn Youtube by Adsnese Starting Monetization
How to Earn Youtube by Adsnese Starting Monetization

How to become a Content Creator?
To be a Content Creator you need to open a Youtube Channel with your Gmail account which is completely free. Then if you want, you can make a video and upload it on YouTube with the smart phone in your hand. You must make a video on a topic that people like to watch.

Step 1: –
To open a YouTube channel, you need to have a Gmail account, which must be a fully verified Gmail account with the correct information.

Step 2: –
You have to go to YouTube and sing in with Gmail. Then you can see the picture of your account in the top left corner. Click on your channel and open the YouTube channel with the name of your choice.

Trick: – Always try to keep the name of the channel short and try to give a related name to the subject you will make the video.

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Now you have to make a video. There are some things to keep in mind while making a video. Such as: –

1) Before making a video, you need to get a script ready. The script is to make a note on a piece of paper before you say what you want to say in the video. It will give your video professionalism and your video will be beautiful and tidy.

2) Cut the video into pieces without making the whole video at once. It is more effective for beginners.

3) Use soft and beautiful background music in the video. Which will further increase the attraction towards watching videos of your audience. In this case you must use copyright free music.

The video is made, now the video has to be edited and uploaded.

Video edit and upload

Whether you want to be successful on YouTube or earn from YouTube depends entirely on YouTube video content. And the content depends on the video quality. And a large part of the quality depends on video editing.

Video editing on YouTube is very important in getting video views. That’s why it’s important to be a good YouTube video editor if you want to be a good YouTuber.

Video edit
1) You can use any app for editing. Assemble your fragmented video clips first.

2) You must have a nice intro related to the topic in the video. You can make this intro from many free websites / mobile apps.

3) If you can change the background correctly and perfectly, then do it, otherwise use a white or black cloth as a background. Because if you don’t change the background properly, your video will lose both professionalism and views.

Video upload

1) Find an interesting title that must be related to your topic first.

2) Make attractive thumbnails.

3) Upload your video using the correct tag related to your topic.

We have a YouTube channel, we have uploaded videos, now we have to sort our channel.

YouTube channel optimized
1) Create a logo or profile picture according to the name of your channel. Then upload it to your channel

2) Make a beautiful banner and upload it

3) Write something about you in the About section of the channel to your email / Facebook