SEO Friendly Article Writing Rules (Full Guidelines)

SEO Friendly Article Writing Rules (Full Guidelines)

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SEO Friendly Article Writing Rules (Full Guidelines), SEO Friendly Article Writing Rules: One of the most popular online professions for young people today is blogging.

Everyone wants to earn money by writing. But what is the income just by writing? His straightforward answer is “no”.

There are certain rules for writing or writing articles. If you write an article according to the rules, the quality of your writing will be good, then you can earn money from your article.

SEO Friendly Article Writing Rules (Full Guidelines)

Rules for writing articles
SEO Friendly Article Writing Rules
Think about it, you search for various articles from Google for your various needs, but when you search on Google, many websites or articles come up. Which article do you read? The article that you read does not bother you that the article is very neat and informative, you will read the article carefully.

To write an article in the mind of a reader, a writer has to write an article according to certain rules.

Today we will discuss the rules of writing that article in our post.

If you read this post carefully at the end, I believe you will also be able to write a better quality article.

And in this post we have not given any information about the development of income payment by writing articles because these are not a long-term process to earn income by writing articles.

SEO Friendly Article Writing Rules (Full Guidelines)

Who is this post for?

If you want to enter the blogging profession, this post will help you take your profession to another level.

And if you want to build your career as a freelance content writer then this post will be very effective and informative for you.

If you think that after reading this post you will become a skilled content writer then your idea is completely wrong because your skills depend on your practice.

The more you practice, the more knowledge you will gradually become, but this post will give you the right guideline to become a skilled content writer.

And if you read this post and dream of earning thousands of dollars from your blog by writing content in one day, then you may be disappointed after reading this post because we could not give any information about earning thousands of dollars in one day in this post.

However, if you write an article following all the guidelines of this post, one day you too can earn thousands of dollars from your blog website.

Rules for writing articles

The writing has to be lively. So that the reader does not feel annoyed to read the text. Now you may be wondering how to enliven writing লিখ? Let’s understand the difference between animated writing and robotic writing with examples.

Lively writing: – Did you know that there are many rules for writing articles. Let’s learn about the rules of article writing.

Writing Robotics: – This post talks about the rules of writing articles. They are mentioned below.

Understand the difference between the two writings.


Vibrant writing means writing as you would in front of someone sitting in front of you. I think that writing in this way reduces the annoyance of the reader towards reading the writing. You can also follow these tips.

Read more than you write

When writing an article, you must first select a topic. You will read many more articles about the topic you will select first.

Remember that the more clear ideas you have about a subject, the more ideas you can give to others.

So it is very important to read about that subject before writing. If you do not have enough knowledge on a subject then you can never write a good article on that subject.

So giving more time to read the article than writing the article will make you more efficient.

And to write a quality article, you need a lot of self-confidence and the more articles you read on a subject, the more your knowledge will increase and that will play a big role in increasing your self-confidence.

SEO Friendly post making

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Understand the needs of the reader

If a reader wants to know the definition of a good writer, most will probably say that this is a good writer who understands the needs of the readers.

Let me give you an example. If you want to know about hp laptop, you can search for it on Google, then there will be many articles about hp laptop, but there is an article that talks about hp laptop as well as why you need to buy hp laptop, where to find this laptop. If you have all the information on how much you can get at this price, whether there is a better laptop at this price, then maybe you will like that article.

Because you want to know about hp laptop, it means that you want to buy that laptop, so this author understands your need and gave you some information about buying hp laptop which has come in handy.

So if you want to be a good content writer, then you also need to understand the needs of the reader. All the information that your reader needs.

SEO Friendly Article Writing Rules (Full Guidelines)

Do research

But we are not the only ones who know everything about the world. There are many things that you have to write about even though you don’t know about them, in that case you have to do research on that subject and gather a lot of information and data.

But the place from which you collect data must be trustworthy