What is blogging? How to make money blogging?

What is blogging? How to make money blogging?

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What is blogging? How to make money by blogging ?: Almost all of you are familiar with the word blogging. Many of us regularly visit different blogs for different needs. Maybe many people do not know what a blog is?

What is behind it ?, or what is the benefit of those who do it? Today I will give you a complete idea about blogging as well as how to make money by opening a blog.

If you want to build a career or make money online through online blogging, read this whole post patiently. And start your blogging with the blogging category of your choice.

What is blogging? How to make money blogging?

We shared some popular blogging topics towards the end of the post. From there, you can choose a blogging topic to start blogging.

Guidelines for starting blogging

What is blogging?
According to the University of Cambridge, blogging is the study of one’s thoughts, opinions, and experiences without the Internet.

Blogging is defined as a website that is published online and includes the author’s perceptions, opinions, and often the various hyperlinked videos and pictures that the author provides, as well as other content on such sites.

In the light of these two definitions, we can define blogging as what is published online and the author’s views, thoughts, perceptions, etc., which are often expressed by the author using pictures, video hyperlinks, is called blogging.

Those who blog are called bloggers.

There are some differences between websites and blogs. Such websites usually cover more than one topic.

Take the example of a news web portal website.

There are discussions on all topics such as politics, society, sports, etc., but a blog will focus on a specific topic such as sports or politics or social issues.

So, even if the blog is based on specific topics, the website has discussions on various topics.
But all blogs are one type of website.

So it is said that although not all websites are blogs, all blogs are websites.

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Qualifications required for blogging:
Well anyone can be a blogger if you want? Do I need a degree to become a blogger?

No, that’s not the case. No degree is required to become a blogger, but to become a blogger you must know what you are writing about.

Blogs should be written only after studying specific topics. For example, if someone wants to write a blog about sports, he needs to know the details about his specific sport.

How do I start blogging?

To become a blogger, you need to write on a website or open your own website and publish it. This way you can be a blogger.

Here we will discuss step by step how to start blogging Insha Allah.

Choosing your topic should be your first step to blogging. You should start blogging about the topic you like to write about first.

Writing a blog is a long time affair. If you are not interested in the subject, you may lose interest in the blog.

So when you first start writing a blog, you should write about any of your favorite topics, such as if your choice is to travel.

You should not write on a topic just because there are many searches on the topic unless you are interested. Many people are not interested in blogging because they can’t write about their choice and after some time.

The first step should be to choose your writing on the subject you like.

Then your second step should be how you sort or write about the relevant topic. That’s why you should write down the main points in your notebook or note. Then type the text completely in Bengali or English in Google Docs or Microsoft Word.

What is blogging? How to make money blogging?

I would like to say that one thing that many people do for short term success is plagiarism.

Needless to say, if you copy it like this, it will be easy to do a lot with a little effort, but the consequences will be terrible.

This is tantamount to stealing someone else’s writing. And if Google’s algorithm can catch you stealing this, it will also reduce the richness of the website you are stealing from. So one should refrain from plagiarism.

Why Adsense give money?

Then you can do two things.

The first is that you can publish your writing on someone else’s blog.

If you are a new writer, you may not get paid for your first writing. But writing like this will make your profile bigger and you will be more experienced.

The more you publish, the more your writing will increase in value if you can write a good blog.

Another way is to open your own website and start blogging. Here’s how to start a blogging website:

All you have to do is choose a preferred domain name and domain extension for your website and you can buy the domain name and domain extension of your choice from various websites like godaddy, namecheap.