What is SEO-How SEO Learn.

What is SEO-How SEO Learn?

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What is SEO-How SEO Learn?The methods used to display a page. Content of a website on the basis of a specific keyword. At the beginning of the search results is called SEO. SEO is a word that is widely practiced nowadays.

In this article we will discuss what SEO is, how many types of SEO and how to learn SEO. Hopefully, this article will make your SEO knowledge more transparent.

SEO is the full meaning added its works in the meaning of Search Engine Optimization. According to Wikipedia’s definition, SEO or search engine optimization is the process of increasing the visitors to a website or webpage through search and analysis following the guidelines of search engines.

What is SEO-How SEO Learn?

Simply put, suppose you publish an article titled “SEO Tutorial” on your website. If you wish, those who search on Google by typing “SEO tutorial”, they will easily find this article and come to your website and read the article.

But after publishing the article, it was seen that no visitor from Google is coming to read your article. Disappointed, you searched for “SEO Tutorial” on Google and discovered that your article is appearing at the very end of the search results.

Visitors don’t usually scroll down so much, they just read the first 2-3 articles at the top and learn what they know.

Then, very naturally, you will try to find out what special work Google will do to show your article at the beginning of the search results.

Needless to say, all these special tasks done for the first time to appear in the article search results are called SEO.

How to learn SEO?

As you can see from the above discussion, SEO is basically done to increase the organic traffic to a website or article. Organic traffic refers to visitors coming from search engines.

However, increasing the number of visitors is not the main purpose of SEO. Reaching the right targeted visitors is another important goal of SEO.

For example, suppose you write an article about a particular fruit “mango”.

If Google thinks of this article as a “guava” article, you are sure to lose your targeted visitors. Because, those who search for “guava” in Google, they will find your article about “mango” and it will not be of any use to them.

So through SEO, Google has to explain correctly, which article is actually what article. And if you can’t do that, the main purpose of SEO is not fulfilled at all.

What is a search engine? How do search engines work?
SEO and search engines tie the same thread. Before knowing the details of SEO, it is very important to get a basic idea about search engines first.

What is a search engine?

What is SEO-How SEO Learn.

Search engines are basically a web search engine or software program that collects information and provides that information when needed.

How does a search engine work?
Whatever the actual definition of a search engine, we all know that the answers to any of these questions can be easily found on these websites. Even the websites of search engines like Google, Yahoo or Bing can be searched not only by typing but also by word of mouth!

But the question is, how do these websites work? How can they provide so much information in such a short time?

All search engines like Google and Yahoo have a special kind of robotic software that searches for information all over the internet.

The special software that performs this task is called a spider and this process of finding information is called crawling.

Search Engine Optimization Learning

Search engine spiders then copy the exact information crawled from various websites and store it in the search engine’s database. This process of storing information is called indexing.

Once a website’s information is indexed by search engines, it is ready to be displayed in search results thematically. Then if someone writes something related to that information and searches on Google or Yahoo, the link of the article containing that information will appear in the search results.

It is worth mentioning that search engines use a special kind of automatic algorithm to determine which article will be shown in which position in the search results.

Search engines are constantly refining these algorithms. To get an idea of ​​the basics of this algorithm one has to study extensively with SEO.

What is On Page SEO?

On-page SEO is directly related to the content of any website.

On-page SEO has to be done separately for each post and page of any website. The main purpose of this type of SEO is to make the search engines understand the main topic of a particular page correctly and to prove how informative it is to the general public.

Keyword research: Keyword research is the research that is done to find out what words or phrases are used in an article to get more visitors from Google. After deciding to write an article on any topic, you have to start content writing through keyword research.

Page Structure: Page Structure is the difference between the process of writing an article for a website and the process of writing a simple story. There is a special type of page structure and rules for web content.

Content Quality: Exactly how to write content when it comes to content will be more acceptable to Google, these are the main topics of this sector. Content quality depends on everything from headings to keywords, paragraphs, images, etc.

In addition to these, many related issues are involved with on-page SEO. A detailed article on on-page SEO will be published on this website very soon.

What is Off Page SEO?

Off-page SEO builds our website’s relationship with other websites and introduces us to search engines as a trusted authority.

Think about it, when a stranger rushes to our house, no matter how sweetly he speaks, we don’t trust him. But if our former trusted person introduces us to someone new, then we welcome him.

This is also the case with search engines. Google can’t easily trust any new website. So in the first place, no matter how good the content is published from them, they are not placed at the beginning of the search results.

As the age of any new website increases, Google begins to trust that website. But it is extremely time consuming.

Off-page SEO is needed to complete this time consuming task in a short time. With proper off-page SEO, search engines can rank any website very quickly.

A detailed article on off-page SEO will be published on this website soon.