Youtube Adsense New Rules for Youtuber

Youtube Adsense New Rules for Youtuber

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Youtube Adsense New Rules for Youtuber. If you are thinking of making money by creating a channel on YouTube. Then it is very important to know the rules and regulations of your YouTube well.

There is no way you can manage a YouTube channel properly without knowing the rules of YouTube.

Maybe your channel will be deleted from YouTube for life for violating one of the rules of YouTube even though everything is fine.

Youtube Adsense New Rules for Youtuber

So if you want to be a successful youtuber, you have to keep your ears open for new updates on youtube.

Today in this post we will learn more about “New YouTube Rules”, “YouTube Copyright Rules”, “YouTube Monetization Rules”, “YouTube Policy”.
Why obey the laws or rules of YouTube?
YouTube has come up with some specific guidelines for their video publishers. Which must be followed to manage their YouTube channel.

If you want to get the success of YouTube or do something good with YouTube, you have to work on YouTube only if you follow the rules and regulations of YouTube well. Otherwise it will not be possible for you to achieve anything good from YouTube.

YouTube Rules 2021

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At the present time the rules of YouTube were not as difficult as before but not as difficult! YouTube has been forced to be so strict because video publishers upload videos to YouTube without heeding any rules and regulations, and for violating other YouTube-related policies.

This gives us the opportunity to get good quality videos on YouTube as well as the opportunity for real talented people to use their talents on YouTube to do something good. These YouTube rules have benefited both YouTube viewers and video publishers.

Using someone else’s video, audio, or image from your YouTube channel may result in your YouTube channel falling under Copywright Strike.

Anyone who wants to copy video, audio or pictures can give you a copyright strike from their YouTube channel. This is Copywright Strike. If your YouTube channel gets three copyright strikes at a time, then your YouTube channel will be deleted from YouTube for life. This is YouTube’s copyright policy.

Youtube Adsense New Rules for Youtuber
Youtube Adsense New Rules for Youtuber

Copyright free video

As I said before, you can’t use any video clip in your video if you want. You must be the real owner of the video you upload to YouTube. Otherwise the owner of the video that you upload to your YouTube channel at any time may give you a copyright strike. So you have to concentrate all the time to upload your video on YouTube.

However, there are some websites online from where you can use video clips in your YouTube videos. Those websites have made their videos available for everyone to use on YouTube.

So if they download video clips from all the websites and use your YouTube channel, they will not give you any copyright strike.

Here are some popular copyright free video clip download websites
Copyright Free Music (Audio)
You can’t use someone else’s video clips in your video, just as you can’t use someone else’s audio or music in your video.

If you do not pay attention to the rules of copyright free music on YouTube, then maybe at some point your music channel may get a strike due to audio music.

YouTube should be used very carefully when using music in your videos. However, you can use copyright free music on videos on your YouTube channel from the YouTube Audio Library. The YouTube Audio Library has provided “Copywright Free Music” for YouTube users only. So that they can easily use music videos in their videos on YouTube without any problem.

Moreover, there are some websites online from which you can easily download copyright free audio music and use it in your video, it will not be a problem on your YouTube channel. Because those websites have published copyright free youtube audio for youtubers on their website.

Here are some of the websites:

Copyright Free Picture

The same rules apply to YouTube video publishers when using images in their videos as in the case of video audio. You also need to be careful when using images that you are the real owner of the image used in your YouTube video.

Otherwise, according to the YouTube video’s audio-video usage rules, you may get a copyright strike for using someone else’s image in your YouTube video.

However, there are many websites online to download copyright free images. By visiting those websites you can easily download and use copyright free for your youtube video.

And you can search for images directly from Google and click on “Creative Commons licenses” to download and use copyright free images.